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Top Restroom Cleaning Tips For Your Business

There are several areas of any business that requires a task to be done, that is not particular at the top of anyone’s list.  One such job is that of restroom cleanings.  Everyone is well aware of what a restroom that is not correctly maintenance can turn into. However, [company] has your janitorial services covered, and take all the dread out of restroom cleaning. 

The proper maintenance and cleaning of a public restroom is just as vital an area as any other in your business.  Your clients, customers, and staff will base their perception of your business in many areas, your restroom being one.  For this reason, commercial janitorial service is the best way to go.  However, if you would prefer to keep your restroom cleaning in-house, then there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

1.  Daily Cleaning

The one thing to keep in mind that a well-maintained restroom is an easier to clean restroom. Regular inspections of the appearance of your restrooms are crucial.  If any debris is found on the counters or floors, during an investigation, it should be disposed of properly.  When disposing of the waste, this would be an excellent time to inspect your trash receptacles, and if needed change out the full liner and replace it with a new one.  It is also suggested that you check all your dispensers, such as soap, toilet paper, and paper towel, to make sure they have adequate stock.  If not, make sure to fill them at this time.

2.  Weekly Cleaning

Your weekly cleaning will contain the bulk of the work and will require a tad bit more time to complete.  You should start with the cleaning of your toilet bowls with a proper toilet bowl cleaner.  You will clean and sanitize the interior portions of both the toilets and if present the urinals.  You will follow this with the liberal wiping down of the exterior portions with a proper disinfectant, making sure to include any and all toilet seats.  Next will be the disinfecting and wiping down of any handles, switches, and dispensers.  Finally, you will disinfect and clean the sinks and faucets, making sure to clean any marks or fingerprints off the mirrors adequately.

3.  Monthly Cleaning

Finally, the monthly cleaning will involve those areas considered out of the way.  This would usually include dusting the tops of doors, cleaning partitions, as well as dispensers and any visible vents.  Replacement of urinal blocks in all the urinals would be done at this time as well.  Lastly, make sure all the drains are functioning correctly and the flushing of the toilets and urinal as well.

With a little due-diligence and the creation of a cleaning schedule, taking care of your business’s janitorial service needs will prove to be a lot less daunting.  In the long run, a task that is so dreaded by most will take little to no time at all.

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