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Commercial Landscaping, Facility Management Services at DI Facility Services in Chicago, IL

Experts in landscaping in Chicago and surrounding areas

When running a business, there’s more to keeping your workplace looking good than cleaning windows and mopping floors. How the outside of your building looks is also critical to making the best possible first impression.

At DI Facility Services, we recognize the important role landscaping plays in your business, and we have years of experience helping companies just like yours maintain a safe and attractive working environment.

Professionals landscaping maintenance

When people visit your place of business, the first thing they’re going to notice is its landscaping. Before they ever enter your workspace, the exterior of your building will have already made a lasting impression.

Having your lawns properly mowed and maintained, and hedges and trees neatly trimmed, are important factors in how your business is perceived. At DI Facility Services, we’re committed to taking care of all the landscaping duties for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

We do more than simply mow lawns

[company] has over 5 decades’ experience performing a broad array of facility management services, so we’re well equipped to handle whatever you might need in terms of landscaping. A few of the many duties we can perform include:

  • Mulching, sprucing, and other pre-season services
  • Make changes in your landscaping design to better fit your changing tastes and needs
  • Regular maintenance such as mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and flower maintenance
  • Clean other surfaces such as steps and sidewalks

Skilled facilities services management technicians

When you hire DI Facility Services, you’re gaining a partner who can assist you with all elements of facilities services management. No only can we provide you with maintaining your landscaping, but we also specialize in janitorial services, window cleaning, plumbing, HVAC maintenance and much more.

Instead of having to rely on the services of a dozen different companies to manage your facilities, you’ll only ever need one: [company]. Our experienced team of professionals can provide all the facilities services management your business requires.

For more information on how DI Facility Services can help you with your landscaping — or anything else involving your business — give us a call today!

Commercial Landscaping Services in Chicago, IL & Surrounding Areas