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Deep clean… What do you mean?

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In addition to their monthly cleanings, all facilities require deep cleaning. Deep cleanings are required and should be included in the building’s routine maintenance plan, whether it’s for an office, school, theater, clinic or hospital, church, library, restaurant, salon, or factory. A deep cleaning will maintain your space and keep it looking its best, as well as lift the moods of those who frequent it. Deep cleaning has been shown to make workplaces healthier and reduce the number of sick days taken by employees.

What is a deep clean?

Vacuuming, wiping and disinfecting surfaces, emptying trash, and other procedures are followed by facilities on a daily and weekly basis. Deep cleaning goes a step further than standard office cleaning. It will target areas that accumulate dirt and/or clutter over time. Furniture is moved and cleaned below, drawers and cupboards are emptied and wiped out, bathrooms are cleaned and polished more thoroughly, stains are removed from tile grout, filters are changed, and air ducts are cleaned out when a deep clean is completed.

During a deep clean, surfaces should be cleaned more completely. A full cleaning may also involve carpets and windows. Even with regular cleanings, dirt and grime accumulate with time, necessitating a deep clean to remove it, as well as those hard-to-reach locations.

How often should a deep clean be done?

It depends on the architecture and how the space is used, like with any frequency question. Knowing the hot spot regions, the number of people who use the facility, and the type of facility are all factors to consider when determining a deep cleaning schedule.

Deep cleanings should be done at least once a year. Spring is an ideal time to do a deep clean and it’s easy to remember to do a “Spring clean.” Facilities that get higher traffic or are potentially exposed to more germs, may opt to have a quarterly deep clean done.

Work with your facility manager to recognize when a deep clean is necessary and identify the areas of your facility that need the most attention. Your building will be healthier, and the people who use it will notice!

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