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Office Facility Maintenance FAQs

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How often should my office be cleaned?

The regularity with which an office is cleaned is determined by a number of factors, including how frequently the office is open, how many people use it each day, and what type of business is conducted there. The majority of the time, offices require cleaning more than once a week. While many workplaces only hire janitorial services once a week, they rapidly discover that dust accumulates, waste overflowing and consumables run out in-between visits.

Most offices either do not budget for cleaning services or ignore them in order to save money, and the result is that those offices are not as clean as they could/should be. Most offices require services at least twice a week. It may surprise you to learn that cleaning more frequently does not increase the cost of services and, in many circumstances, is a better option than cleaning once a week.

The cost will be slightly more, but the advantages will outweigh the cost because the office will be cleaner, better stocked, and ready to go. Customers will notice a cleaner office, and employees will take fewer sick days.

What are the “hot spot” areas in all office buildings that need the most attention?

Bathrooms, breakrooms, and communal spaces require the most frequent cleaning. Those who work full-time in an office building use the public restroom(s) on a daily basis. Many people bring their lunches to work and/or use the breakrooms on a regular basis. It’s not unusual for there to be a coffee spill (after all, what office worker doesn’t need a hot cup of joe to get the day started?!).

Lobbies, meeting rooms, kitchenettes, and outdoor patio areas are among the other common areas. Trash-containing food waste must be disposed of on a regular basis to avoid infestation. It’s critical to ensure that restrooms, breakrooms, and common areas are cleaned on a regular basis and that relevant spaces are disinfected. Trash must be removed. It is necessary to sweep and mop the floors. Phones, light switches, and any other frequently used surface should all be cleaned on a regular basis.

Other than janitorial cleaning, what regular office facility services should be managed?

When you examine everything involved with facility services, which is never just janitorial cleaning, the list of what is needed at an office space may get very long. Here is a list of services that must be addressed at any office in order to keep it in good working order.

  • Window washing interior and exterior
  • Pressure washing outdoor patios, sidewalks, and furniture
  • Strip/wax of vinyl flooring and burnishing regularly
  • Hot water extract of carpets and upholstery
  • Lightbulb replacement and ceiling light fixture cleaning
  • HVAC preventative maintenance and filter replacements
  • Parking lot sweeping and restriping

Overall, working with a respected facility services management team on their side is the greatest method to ensure that office space in any building is cleaned properly and has a comprehensive maintenance schedule. Office personnel will not have to deal with these services on top of their regular job tasks if they have the necessary experience, tools, and agreements. It will make a significant difference in any business or office.

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